Transparent Diamond Sharpening Disc 4-1/4" (110mm)

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This double-sided diamond sharpening disc becomes see-through when in rotation, providing fine quality sharpening with precise accuracy.


  • Double-sided diamond grit
  • Coarse & fine grit sides
  • Titanium coating
  • 4.25" Disc (110mm)
  • 0.35" Shaft (9mm)


    The titanium coating increases durability of the diamond grit and minimizes friction during grinding. Providing a longer service life and reduced heat generation.

    Each side of the diamond sharpening disc is coated in a different grit; coarse & fine. The coarse side allows you to correct the shape of the tool and repair damage to the cutting edge. The fine grit side provides precise finishing of the cutting edge and fine burnishing.


    Note: The Transparent Diamond Sharpening Disc is not intended to sand metal materials or tools, only sharpening the cutting edge of tools.


    Made in Germany